Scrapbooking pour débutants : une leçon

vendredi, août 26, 2011 by admin

Un clip vidéo de Super Speedy sur une Mini Pocket ENVELOPPE j’ai créé pour un abonné! Une MINI Rapidement, simple, et super adorable à faire …

Dans ce post, vous trouverez quelques suggestions sur ce qu’il paraît dans le papier d’album et quels types de documents sont là. Il est crucial d’observer qu’il ya de nombreux types et variantes de celui-ci et nous ne serons pas prêts pour couvrir tous ici, mais nous voulons soutenir les informations que vous dans le droit chemin.

Lorsque l’on cherche pour le papier scrapbooking grande avance sur vous regardez la couleur et la dimension que vous devriez vous assurer que c’est l’acide et la lignine totalement gratuit. Cela rendra le papier beaucoup mieux pour la conservation. Il fait la longévité de certains de papier et implique qu’il ne sera pas jaunir avec le temps ou de se détériorer, comme c’est le cas lors de l’utilisation de papier normal. Vous verrez que lorsque le papier est laissé de côté, plus de temps, il obtient d’être brun et jaune. Ceci est induit par la lignine, qui produit de l’acide dans le papier et le papier se décolore. C’est dommage dans cette situation.

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  1. DigidesignScrap dit :

    thanks, love the informations

  2. crosspecans dit :

    hear hear !!! i agree soooo much with your statement that the photos are the star of the page. so many of the scrapbookers get so busy puting beads and doo dads on the pages that they forget to put thought into the pictures. waves~~

  3. robinmosesnailart dit :

    i saw this and had the greatest idea——……….i paint small surfaces and although new to youtube, i have long taught and painted little things and decided to share my work on youtube!!!…well, i just thought…oh my gosh, this could really help scrapbookers gain some extra hints and tips….go look at my page scrapbookers and pass it on!!! :):):) especially the holiday paintings!!!! i am excited!

  4. ijeovana dit :

    You are so great explaining the basic principles of scrapbooking. Thank you for helping me learn more . cheer

  5. kerryluvcat dit :

    Great video!! Check out my first if u have time! Tyfs;)

  6. morningafternoonnigh dit :

    good advice but i can’t rally se and i liek to see what u r going on about

  7. kerryluvcat dit :

    Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to make my first scrapbooks! I just posted my first video, please check ’em out. I watched these videos like, dozens of times.

  8. timandjess100 dit :

    I’ve watched three of your lessons! thanks soo much your knowleadge has been really helpful! I feel more informed and confident ,I’ll make some nice artwork. Thanks again.

  9. toshibagirl123 dit :

    great vid! check out my scrapbooking site. cricutsonline . com

  10. 1elaurie dit :

    what a waster of my time! Thanks!

  11. Isaura21s dit :

    @lgaribaldi Why would digital images only last 20 years?

  12. DrunkBunny dit :

    Good tips and gorgeous examples. Was so glad to hear you say that it’s about the photos. I see so many scrapbook pages that are gorgeous in design, but I’m so busy looking at the fancy stuff that I never notice the pics. :)

  13. Hobbymom44 dit :

    OMG EVRY1!!! I Just found the COOLEST ZEBRA VINYL for cricut cutters. Just go to ebay and search cricut zebra vinyl. u gotta check it out its awesome. I cant find nething like it newhere.

  14. trishytrish1971 dit :

    I have not actually done a scrapbook yet. My husband and I are going to see his family. This will be the first time in a LOT of years that they will have all been together. So I plan on making them all scrapbooks for Christmas. This video had some very good points, and I am definitely glad I took the time to watch it. Thank you!

  15. PurpleLionPaper dit :

    Enjoyed your videos … very informative .. thanks … Purple Lion Paper online scrapbooking paper store

  16. artbox123 dit :

    are u a girl or boy no effencexxxusful tips though( : ( :

  17. yarz17 dit :

    is she lesbian?? she sounds like 1..

  18. ldytutor dit :

    I am just starting out. Very helpful. Thanks

  19. p2kyrock01 dit :

    i think that’s nice!

  20. meZATY dit :

    who wouldnt love that!!!!!XDDD I think we have the same taste!!! if only I knew where to find scrapbooking supplies in Japan!

  21. chloeandbethxx dit :

    heres a funny request can you create a homemade anne frank diary? :)

  22. plogsdon65 dit :

    I liked ur mini it had beautiful colors;-)

  23. Steffogal1 dit :

    @gardenrose1850 I used normal envelopes (recycled from the junk mail) lol :) I just made sure they were all the same size! :) have fun!!

  24. gardenrose1850 dit :

    Love your album. What size envelopes do you use?

  25. jessiecastro71 dit :

    Very Pretty, I Hope I learn To Make These!! I’m A Beginner.. Thanks 4 Sharing*

  26. Steffogal1 dit :

    @stephaniesosassy HI :) I will be doing a video in the near future on envelop minis :)

  27. stephaniesosassy dit :

    could u show how to make it

  28. xxbeautifulsoulxx3 dit :

    Was this a kit that you got or do you make these yourself? if you do make these yourself, can you get those little metal rings that cover the hole of the paper so that they wont be ripped? Its the metal ring the covers the hole that holds the tag and binder clip to close the book.

  29. ScrapNana27 dit :

    Beaitfiul and so sweet ! Love the pink and brown – Your videos are so great! Thanks for sharing your creative ideas!

  30. balckbeuty dit :

    what kinda paper do you guys use for scrapbooking?

  31. SuperChar1999 dit :

    hahah kool can u make me one!

  32. sheisadorable1 dit :

    Can you do a tutorial on how to do this please??

  33. MsJaay101 dit :

    Very nice album.

  34. ibleedblue4byu dit :

    this mini album is GORGEOUS! wow! thats to die for!

  35. buttercupbby12 dit :

    Its Soo Cuteee <3

  36. Steffogal1 dit :

    @lovelyangela77 Nope… just me doing scrapbooking as a hobby 😉 thanks for asking!
    with agrin,

  37. lovelyangela77 dit :

    do you take orders for making these albums?

  38. Steffogal1 dit :

    @namunoo hi !!:) the black butterfly is a heidi swapp felt butterfly embellishment! :) hope this helps.. :)

  39. namunoo dit :

    I wanted to ask u whr did u get that black buttrfly frm? ?

  40. Bettsie54 dit :

    You are so talented! Love the mini…it’s beautiful! :)

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