Scrapbooking et papier

mardi, septembre 27, 2011 by admin

Papier, feuille, pierre, ciseaux, … quels sont les outils que vous utilisez pour le scrapbooking. Scrap, scrap, comimage, ouaich ouaich … Yo DJ fafa et Gégé l’artiste, yo yo. A te voila YO YO …

13 Responses to “Scrapbooking et papier”

  1. TinaBerac dit :

    Omg,this is sooooo cuteeee!!!

  2. Lorelai271 dit :

    Amazing! I love your ideas!

  3. saintben2008 dit :


  4. orangeapplescrapbook dit :

    beautiful ideas!
    oh hey you may want to visit my channel what i do is DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING! thanks!

  5. princeeeessa dit :

    Where can I buy that tag template ? Or who makes it?

  6. ingehoffs dit :

    great dynamic between you two! Great video!

  7. lipglossmscupcake dit :

    I have the cardstock tags with 200 of them but how do you put the paper on the tag?

  8. decoralias dit :

    cute projects. Thanks for sharing.

  9. amyjane1998 dit :

    really cute!

  10. NurseTara04 dit :

    @suziecrafter10 You can purchase small bags at Micheals..then add your own tag that fits in the bag. I think you get 16 bags for $2.99. Hope this helps

  11. suziecrafter10 dit :

    Where can you purchase the Tags n Bags? They’re great. Please write me back – Thanks!

  12. TrinaLee78 dit :

    Thank you so much for the great ideas!!!

  13. lisalow883 dit :

    Gotta go..I’m gonna scrap tag right now!

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