Scrapbooking ave Fafa

jeudi, septembre 1, 2011 by admin

Scrapbooking Fafa sur un seul de ses albums au mois de négociation pour les mois de la nouvelle année. Ce fut ma vidéo extrêmement initiale. Merci beaucoup pour voir rendre positifs que vous appréciez certains de mes autres vidéos. La vie quotidienne est complète de la ferraille


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  1. danajackson36 dit :

    love it…how do you get the button with the ribbon to look like it is attatched to the ribbon

  2. scrapbookingjunkie dit :

    Thanks for sharing this, much appreciated.

  3. DigidesignScrap dit :

    thanks for the great tutorial

  4. dearash07 dit :

    These are great ideas! love this!

  5. MIMISSCRAPS dit :

    I really like the ideas that you have shared with us.

  6. SuperChar1999 dit :

    thats awesome were doing a book of memories for skool so that was very inspiring for me thnx ur awesome!

  7. supermom5621 dit :

    i love your ideas, i have two girls of my own so you have inspired me. I only have a few stampin up items, but i think i’m ready to expand on my collection. hope to see more of your videos soon, Thank you

  8. liztheladybug dit :

    hello ,first time i see your video ,you are so sweet ,i love your 8 by 8.thank you

  9. calvinhobbes888 dit :

    I always love your presentations Carrie! Superb!

  10. EedieG dit :

    how long did that take you to make because i want one!

  11. Lorelai271 dit :

    1:49 this scrapbook is great! I love the key
    And can you tell me what is the name of the song please?

  12. BookwormsWorld dit :

    I like your video, too!!! Of course because of your work,
    but also, because of the music! That’s great!
    What is it? I know the song, but can’t remember the title!
    Best wishes from Germany!

  13. missjj1280 dit :

    That was awesome!! What do you use for your clear pockets? Is it brads or something else? Keep up the great job!!

  14. mysticmagic4760 dit :


  15. MegaIrada dit :


  16. SuperElfride dit :

    votre video est super . j aime toutes les regarder.

  17. SuperElfride dit :

    bonjour marion ,

    votre video est super .

  18. DigidesignScrap dit :

    fantastic video, thanks

  19. michele1001able dit :

    Awesome mini Love it!!

  20. animecari dit :

    Esta perfeito o video e muito bem explicado beijos

  21. JonasFanNumberOne1 dit :

    this is amaazzing :)

  22. stephaniesosassy dit :


  23. vanillajoy1 dit :

    That was a great all around production. The mini album turned out great. Where do you come up with your ideas?

  24. mjcmeee25 dit :

    i SUPER luv it!!!… nice.. ^_^

  25. usaearthling dit :

    I just love watching your videos. Your work is so detailed and so totally awesome. Thank you for taking the time to share with us. You have awesome talent. Merry Christmas and may your New Year be healthy and productive.

  26. MissJulie24 dit :

    @kathydid47 you cant by tape especially for transparency works well

  27. rockinkitten dit :

    @eprexe Scrapbooking (like the name says) is making a scrapbook. Makng cards is called card making. I think card making is boring, you don’t. I like scrapbooking. Each to their own. This is a lovely scrapbook, it only needs photographs in it now.

  28. kerryluvcat dit :

    I love this mini!! Beautiful! Marion has inspired me to try to make one. I just posted my first video of first 8x11scrapbook. Let me know what you think! Xo Thank you!!

  29. imohsoposh dit :

    I love this mini. This video was very helpful. =] thanks alot.

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