Exemple de scrapbooking

lundi, octobre 10, 2011 by admin

Une photo de scrapbooking pour la vie. Un exemple de scrapbooking pour toujours. Pour aller plus haut …

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  1. AndreaManion dit :

    Why do you separate paper by company?

  2. cbh1996 dit :

    You are a hoot!!! I love your commentary. Full of laughs (meant in a good way) AND you’re scraproom is wicked awesome. I wish I had that much room. I’m so happy you have a place all your own where yours kids can create as well. I’m so inspired!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. nelliesf128 dit :

    Thanks for the great ideas!

  4. moeylynne dit :

    Love your scrap room! I enjoyed this video. You made it very entertaining! Thanks for sharing!

  5. stankubrick1 dit :

    Wow, that’s one serious room!

  6. IzzysMusic9 dit :


  7. EmilynJosie dit :

    How boring

  8. 0553513254 dit :

    I love your room sooooo much , can you make a video of how to make a scrapbook room and where did you get all those stuff

  9. VivaLaJessy1 dit :

    what stamps were those at 1:02 ?

  10. rockinkitten dit :

    @rockinkitten Oh and I love those 12×12 containers! I need some of those!!
    I also keep my new stuff separate (for weeks sometimes) and i keep em in the living room so I can look at them 😀 Your comment about keeping presents separate as a child made me laugh because I did exactly the same thing. Yay neurotocism!

  11. rockinkitten dit :

    I looooove your room!! And when you opened your picture drawer for a second I thought you had a picture of me as a kid in there. Looks just like me at that age! Mad! You said you do scrapping at the counter and on the table. Are there specific things you have to do at the counter?

  12. poob4633 dit :

    that’s awesome! 😀

  13. DigidesignScrap dit :

    thanks for the great tutorial

  14. Aykela dit :

    That looks really nice!

  15. mspenguin56781 dit :

    I jut learned how to tread a sewing machine today

  16. tastyburger1121 dit :

    Thanks for the great ideas! Nice tips too! For anyone looking for some cheap stickers, check out Loyalteproducts . com

    Got some stickers on there that were cheap!

  17. hobbers10 dit :

    Cool… now I know what a waste of space looks like

  18. EUROBABY1987 dit :


  19. Love2ScrapNCrop dit :

    I love the techniques you showed. Get new ideas to use.

  20. Karle1910 dit :

    ty for all the different techniques you shared. xoxo

  21. tastyburger1121 dit :

    Thanks for the great ideas! Nice tips too! For anyone looking for some cheap stickers, check out Loyalteproducts . com

    Got some stickers on there that were cheap!

  22. artsiemwife4207 dit :

    Thanks for giving me some great ideas for my old painted canvases :)

  23. MyCraftstore dit :

    Thanks some great ideas here!!!

  24. yojo2011 dit :

    thanks for showing this i got so many ideas…………. but i cant make it coz i dont have the stuff u have so just wondering do u know where to buy the embossing stuff that u use in australia? and also where to buy the destress ink? :)

  25. imohsoposh dit :

    very helpful tips. question, the words use on the page at 0:23, did u write that? used a die cutting machine? (sorry, its a kinda silly question) =]

  26. mandasjewelry dit :

    i love the stamp resist technique. thanks!

  27. 1Scrapdelight dit :

    Wow I love your techniques

  28. DalonGage dit :

    I have been in such a slump – you’ve given me lots of inspiration! THANK YOU!!! :-)

  29. jamiemd09 dit :

    YOU, are awesome.

  30. yvloma dit :

    You do such a nice job on your videos. I really enjoy them. Very inspirational!

  31. blueyezcat1213 dit :

    hi, wonderful video thankz for the tecs. and i was wondering if you know where you got your ranger ink tool and where you got your stamps and the coco yoco paint???

  32. TheCatlover90 dit :

    7:09 from where can i buy one?

  33. nickki64053 dit :

    you are very informative. Thank you for your demo. Great video.

  34. TheCatlover90 dit :

    yay they are great *sun*

  35. crystalangel792001 dit :

    You are amazing…I just had to go and get distress ink and perfect pearls after seeing all the fabolous projects you created on this and other videos. I never would have been able to figure out all the techniques if not for you. Thank you

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